Australian curriculum (EYLF) in Chinese preschools: Educators’ attitudes and practices relating to the concepts of play-based approach and intentional teaching

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Chinese early childhood education (ECE) is experiencing a significant reform that emphasizes the programming system shifting from educator-directed group activities to child-centred and play-based approaches, which is influenced by Western educational philosophies. In recent years, a variety of Western early childhood curriculums has been introduced to China, and the Australian national curriculum Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is one of them. The content and the values of EYLF have been gradually recognized by the Chinese scholars and practitioners.
This study is set to explore the application of the play-based approach in Chinese preschools through an intervention program. It aims to develop and assess the effectiveness of a professional learning program for enhancing Chinese educators’ understanding and practices relating to the concept of play-based approach that is combined with intentional teaching suiting the existing educational traditions.
Effective start/end date6/04/216/04/23