Australia’s role in global financial and production networks

  • O'Neill, Phillip (Chief Investigator)
  • Knight, Eric (Chief Investigator)
  • Wojcik, Dariusz (Primary Chief Investigator)

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Australia’s role in Global Financial and Production Networks. The project intends to address a major deficit of knowledge about the ways financial centres develop and compete among a network of international centres. Australia’s long-term economic future is closely tied to providing financial services throughout Asia. Yet very little attention has been given to analysing the structures and networks that enable internationalisation, in particular the performance of Sydney and Melbourne as competitive financial centres within a network of financial centres in East and South-East Asia. Using specialist industry databases and intensive case study methods, this project plans to examine the processes underpinning the growth of this network, map scenarios for the next two decades, and advise on policy implications arising from the 2013–14 Financial System Inquiry.

Funding Amount $236,172
Funding Scheme Discovery Projects
Effective start/end date31/05/16 → …