Biological Hydrogen Production

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Hydrogen is a potential clean energy source which does not directly contribute to CO2 emissions. The two main issues with hydrogen as a fuel are: (i) supply and production; and (ii) storage and capture. However, current worldwide production is still from non-renewable resources. Biological production from renewable resources is a potential solution. We have engineered bacteria to produce hydrogen from sugars at rates higher than any published rates. To help accelerate the commercialisation of our 'new' hydrogen source, we plan to optimise the rates and yields by optimising culture conditions and through metabolic engineering. ARENA have just announced (20th Dec) $20 million in funding for production of renewable hydrogen. EOI is due on 28th Feb 2018 and we plan to submit an EOI.
Short titleBiological Hydrogen Production
Effective start/end date22/02/1821/02/19