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    The Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) is an existing Macquarie University Research Centre focused on promoting emotional health across the lifespan through the scientific evaluation of the understanding and management of anxiety and related difficulties (i.e., emotional health). The CEH was established in 2006 under the leadership of Professor Ron Rapee. Since 2015, Professor Jennie Hudson has served as the Centre Director, supported by Deputy Director, Associate Professor Melissa Norberg. As a result of strategic initiatives the CEH has grown exponentially in terms of its capacity for research and impact, and towards self-sufficiency. The team has developed new income streams and increased its impact including professional accreditation, e-training for professionals, expanded private services, new editions of treatment manuals and an online clinic. The Centre has observed demonstrable growth in our research and impact (See also 2.3). We have the capacity to pull together large-scale funding bids (e.g., ARC CoE, NHMRC CRE, Million Minds). Our members also have numerous external partnerships with industry including community mental health groups, schools and not for profit organisations. The Centre provides a unique blend of theory, research and translation to reduce the social and personal burden of anxiety and related disorders. The Centre represents a pooling of intellectual strength attracting a range of academics with skills in such varying fields as clinical psychology (Chen, Forbes, Hudson, Kangas, Meulijk, McLellan, Norberg, Oar, Peters, Rapee, Schniering, Sicouri, Wuthrich), health psychology (Jones, Kangas, Norberg, Sherman), psychophysiology (Cornish, Hudson, Johnco, Norberg), developmental psychology and psychopathology (Bussey, Carl, Fitzpatrick, Forbes, Hudson, Johnco, Magson, McMahon, Rapee, Schniering, Sicouri), and statistical modelling (Forbes, Jones). Mental disorders exact a massive toll on Australia and Australians, accounting for 12.1% of the total disease burden; the third largest impact after cancer and cardiovascular disease. Anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder are the most common of these mental disorders, not only in childhood and adolescence, but across the lifespan, accounting for the bulk of the disease burden. Together, anxiety disorders cost Australia $10.4 billion a year, and account for the greatest disease burden for women aged 5-44 years. They start early in life and predict a range of other mental health problems across the lifespan such as depression, body image concerns, eating disorders, hoarding disorders, suicidal ideation and substance abuse. Despite these staggering facts, anxiety disorders and their related sequelae are frequently under-recognised and overlooked. As a result, identification and intervention for emotional health disorders is not sufficiently effective, presenting a significant problem for the future of Australians. For example, less than 3% of children with emotional disorders receive evidence-based care. Limited access to appropriate care is evident across the lifespan. The CEH understands the need for an innovative and collaborative research program to improve our understanding and management of these emotional disorders to improve outcomes for individuals with emotional health disorders not only in Australia, but around the world. Drawing on the expertise of a team of world leaders in emotional health and key MQ partners in health,
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