Children and Young People’s Rights, Participation and Protection (CRPP) Faculty of Arts Research Stream (also known as the MQU Children's Research Network)

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The Children and Young People’s Rights, Participation and Protection research stream focusses on highlighting, supporting and creating research endeavours that deepen our understanding of contemporary children’s rights issues and debates. Cross-disciplinary teams undertake research that considers the political, legal, social and cultural dimensions of children’s rights and critically examines how the concept of children’s rights is deployed by advocacy groups, policymakers, governments and international agencies. Members of the stream respond to these questions across diverse contexts, working on projects that address specific children’s rights claims (for example, the right to protection, participation, health care, education and non-discrimination) as well as producing research that explores the broader context in which children’s rights have emerged as a pressing concern in Australia and internationally. The stream also provides a space for researchers to discuss the rights of children in the research process itself, as participants and co-producers of knowledge. The stream aligns with a core aim of the Ethics, Governance and Justice research theme, concerned with protecting and empowering members of our society, in this case, children and young people. The stream is based in the Faculty of Arts, but we welcome the involvement of academics from other faculties, external scholars and practitioners.
Short titleCRPP Research Stream
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