Collaboration in MT Lithosphere Imaging

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As part of Geoscience Australia’s (GA) involvement in the Australian Lithospheric Architecture Magnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP) GA has acquired a vast collection of MT data to constrain the lithospheric architecture of Australia and narrow the search space for buried mineral deposits but to date does not have the capability to probabilistically invert this data in order to assess uncertainty associated with the resistivity models it provides to its stakeholders. Macquarie University (MQ) has a long reputation in geophysical inversion and constraining properties of the lithospheric. Over the last half a decade is has developed world leading techniques to invert MT data within a probabilistic framework. The Project Parties have agreed to undertake Collaborative Research in a Project on the terms set out in the original Agreement.

Layman's description

This Project seeks to combine, for the mutual benefit of both parties, the high quality datasets acquired by Geoscience Australia with world leading data analytics developed at Macquarie University focused on probabilistic 3D inversions of MT data for the conductivity structure of Australia

Key findings

Electrical conductivity structure of the Australian lithosphere
Short titleMT Imaging
Effective start/end date13/07/2030/06/23