Collaborative Project: Indigenous Curriculum Quality Project

Project: Teaching

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This project is a collaboration between Macquarie Law School, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences, and Macquarie Business School and Department of Management. It is undertaken with the support of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Strategy and Walanga Muru.

The project is designed to support the Macquarie University Indigenous Strategy 2016-2025, and in particular: Objective 1.1: Objective 1.4: Objective 2.2: Objective 2.3: Objective 2.4: Objective 3.3: Objective 3.4: and Objective 3.5:

- Identify how to increase the proportion of Indigenous students in our courses
- Explore how our curriculum can better embed Indigenous perspectives including case studies
- Deliver recommendations as to how Macquarie could improve its entry pathways for prospective Indigenous students
- Deliver recommendations as to how Macquarie can foster an environment that encourages, celebrates and realises the potential of Indigenous students
Effective start/end date31/10/2230/09/23