Data analysis – an enhanced toolkit for Actuaries

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Digital disruption has led to the generation of large volumes of data and the challenge of managing and making use of such data globally. The modern tools and techniques in data science help with drawing insights from this data.

Analysing data is a core skill for Actuaries but there is an increasing need to become familiar with emerging techniques in this fast moving and digitally transformed environment. This course will cover data visualisation, data manipulation and ethics as well as machine learning and AI.

This practical course is part of the Actuaries Institute’s initiative to provide members with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills on modern approaches to data science and modelling.

The central aim of this course is to give actuarial practitioners an enhanced understanding of modern methods for data analysis which go beyond the approaches taught in the actuarial studies syllabus prior to 2020. Methods will be viewed through an actuarial lens where possible giving participants an opportunity to consider the new methods within familiar contexts.
Effective start/end date1/03/2117/05/21