Developing a tool to determine healthcare organisational culture through analysis of electronic-word-of-mouth data

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To evaluate online public patient and employee reviews about hospitals to a) ascertain if publicly available electronic word-of-mouth content posted online in Australia about hospitals can be used as an indicator of organisational and patient safety culture, b) evaluate the impact of a culture change intervention at a large network of hospitals in NSW on the qualitative elements of publicly available electronic word-of-mouth content posted online.
The study will assess if online reviews can serve as a proxy for traditional organisational and safety culture measurement tools in Australia. We hypothesize that we will be able to identify positive as well as negative indicators of the organisational and patient safety culture through a qualitative analysis of online patient and employee reviews.

Layman's description

Using online patient and employee reviews of hospitals to understand how organisational culture is perceived and represented online
Short titleMeasures of Organisational Culture and Safety Indicators
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/07/22