Digital entrepreneurship research programme

  • Zaheer, Hasnain (Primary Chief Investigator)

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A comprehensive research programme that includes structured literature review of the research field (published, in print), empirical research at the start-up (firm) as well as founder (individual) level with scope of new venture creation as well as long term entrepreneurial journey (being finalised), and design science research based projects to bring practical solutions to the world such as a board game on entrepreneurship and and experiential entrepreneurship education programme.

Layman's description

Why and how do digital start-up founders embark on a long-term entrepreneurial journey, what are the milestones in their journey, what are the features of the start-up development process that they enact and what is the future of digital entrepreneurship. I also investigate how we can create better entrepreneurship education programmes and entrepreneurial methods to help new digital start-up founders achieve better performance.

Key findings

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Short titleDigital venturing
Effective start/end date1/05/1629/02/20