Diversity, Dynamics and Destinations of Sawsharks from South-eastern Australia

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    Sharks are in global decline, driven largely by fishing pressures. To manage this problem we need fundamental information on the movement and population structure of those shark species caught in fisheries. This project will use a combination of movement tracking, biochemical tracers, and genetic data to examine sawshark species from south-eastern Australia. Sawsharks are regular components of by-catch in south-eastern Australian waters. Despite capture being an unintended result of commercial fishing, the majority of individuals are kept due to the value of their flesh. These benthic sawsharks are harvested without any real knowledge of their geographic distribution or genetic diversity. We will assess their movement through satellite tagging and biomarkers, and relate these data to contemporary population structure assessed using genetic markers. Understanding how sawshark species are structured will give insights into their links with ecosystem functioning, and help management strategies for these and other sawshark populations into the future.
    Short titleDiversity, destinations and dynamics of sawsharks
    Effective start/end date1/04/191/04/24