DP220102267 - Hyperfractals for Scalable and Effective Urban Digital Twins

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ARC DP project 2022 - DP220102267
Developing framework using Hyperfractal to achieve both scalability and effectiveness for 'digital twins' of Smart Cities.

Layman's description

Soon, every place and every thing in the real world will have its exact digital twin into what is called a Mirrorworld. After the Web and Social Media, this digital twin will become the third great digital platform. Mirrorworld will reflect not just what something looks like but its context, meaning, and function.
We will use Hyperfractals to represent parameters and functions of cities by exploiting their self-similarity at all levels. We will design a seminal framework that allow to develop innovative distributed algorithms for information propagation networks (human, vehicular, UAVs,...). these will be validated using traces and data for real and concrete applications.

Key findings

Innovative Mathematical framework and new innovative distributed algorithms.
Short titleDP220102267
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/01/24