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We will adopt a co-designed approach and methodology in establishing, implementing and evaluating our project for the Mentoring Program for Scholarship Holders. This project targets scholars enrolled in early childhood teacher education courses in NSW who have been awarded a scholarship by the NSW Department of Education’s Early Childhood Education Scholarship programs.

We acknowledge that there is a possibility for “insider/outsider positioning” (Burgess et al., 2019, p. 299) so central to this Mentoring Program is the consultation and collaboration between the Project Steering Committee and the Project Leadership Team throughout the duration of the project. The rationale for this approach and methodology is embedded within our acknowledgement and respect for the scholars from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds. This approach also acknowledges our commitment to providing a meaningful mentoring program for (i) the scholarship holders who are diploma trained educators who live in rural and remote areas studying to upgrade to a Bachelor level qualification, (ii) the scholars on incentive scholarships who live in rural and remote areas and are in need of financial support and (iii) the scholarship holders with disabilities, to enable their participation in the Mentoring Program for Scholarship Holders. We believe that it is essential that the mentoring program content and pedagogy are nuanced within the scholars’ backgrounds in order for it to be effective and relevant for them. Furthermore, this approach addresses the NSW DoE goal that the mentoring program will align to the scholar’s profiles awarded under the Aboriginal Early Childhood Education Scholarships and Early Childhood Education Scholarships Program (2020 – 2022).
Short titleScholarships Mentoring Program
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22