Energy and Natural Resources Innovation and Transformation Research Initiative

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A multi-project multidisciplinary Research Initiative that focusses on the energy transition from a natural resource perspective. It brings together MQ, national, and international researchers, along with industry government and NGO stakeholders to address Australia’s energy and natural resources challenges through the use of innovation, technology and regulation. The Initiative researches how innovation and technology can address the broad range of legal, social, economic, scientific and engineering issues that arise as Australia transforms its energy and natural resources to meet the Australia government's target of zero net emissions by 2050.

This Research initiative has five research areas:
1. Agriculture: carbon farming and sequestration; green bonds and financing; agricultural emissions reduction, development and transformation of Australia's North; drought and water needs and use; export challenges; and foreign ownership of agricultural land, native title and First Nations;
2. Mineral and Energy Resources: Rare earth mineral mining; value-adding and industrial transformation of minerals; innovation in oil and gas extraction and transformation; transformation to the hydrogen economy
gas-led post-COVID manufacturing recovery; decommissioning of offshore petroleum infrastructure; decarbonisation of carbon-rich resources; low carbon steel and aluminium;
3. Water and Oceans: water use in energy and mineral resource extraction and processing; tidal and current energy; aquaculture and fishing; new shipping fuels (LNG and hydrogen); resource use conflict; deep seabed mining; pollution of water and ocean resources:
4. The Land: energy storage; solar, wind and water as energy resources; land protection and regeneration; impact of energy and natural resource development and use on humans; land use and conflict; native title and First Nation; and resilience of natural resources to climate change; and
5. Governance, Geopolitics and International Relations: national energy governance; energy security; international resource governance framework; strategic mineral resources, maritime boundary conflict; international political perspectives on emissions governance; and geopolitics of energy transition.

Layman's description

ENRITI is a large, multidisciplinary research initiative that seeks to research the path, impacts and effects of australia's transition from a carbon-based economy to that of low carbon economy. The Initiative researches in five broad research areas: Agriculture; Mineral and Resources; Water and Oceans; The Land; and Governance, Geopolitics, and International Relations.
Effective start/end date13/07/2031/12/22