Enhancing fruit fly sterile insect technique through improved and cost-effective gel larval diet, pre-release handling, and monitoring

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Successful SIT programs require efficient and cost-effective production, rear-out and release, and monitoring systems. Larval diets comprise a significant proportion of production costs, and so cost-effective diets that minimise the production cost without compromising insect quality is a pillar of successful SIT. With a view to reduce the cost associated with mass production and pre-release system without compromising the quality of the Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly), Bactrocera tryoni, and to improve monitoring and post-release handling, studies contributed by this team to CRP D41029 will manipulate (1) gel larval diet, (2) pre-release supplements and holding period of flies, and (3) refine lures and lure dispensers. For both larval diets and pre-release diets, we will explore variation in the proportion of ingredients, or replacement of the ingredients with cheaper alternatives. For improved monitoring (and MAT), we will refine lures, testing numerous analogs of existing lures, and assess effective dispensing of the lures to the environment. Our team has very significant expertise in the development of technologies to support effective SIT, and has already made very substantial advances in all of the areas of this CRP in studies of B. tryoni. We are in an excellent position to assist other CRP participants in replicating and further improving upon our outcomes for B. tryoni in other species.
Short titleEnhancing Q-fly SIT
Effective start/end date29/10/2131/12/26