EQ-5D with the hearing “bolt-on” items: developing a new quality of life measure for hearing impairment

  • Gu, Yuanyuan (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Cutler, Henry (Chief Investigator)
  • Parkinson, Bonny (Chief Investigator)
  • Sinha, Kompal (Chief Investigator)
  • Dawes, Piers (Chief Investigator)
  • Sharma, Rajan (Chief Investigator)
  • Brinson, Mary Beth (Associate Investigator)
  • Gonzalo, Fernando (Associate Investigator)
  • Quadri, Hafsa (Associate Investigator)
  • Soytemiz, Ashley (Other)

Project: Research

Project Details

Short titleEQ-5D Cochlear
Effective start/end date7/02/2231/12/23