Extinction Imaginaries: Mapping Affective Visual Cultures in Australasia

  • Williams, Linda (Chief Investigator)
  • James, Paul (Chief Investigator)
  • Amati, Marco (Chief Investigator)
  • Houston, Donna (Primary Chief Investigator)

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This project investigates what animal extinction means to Australians. Australasia has the highest global extinction rates, yet despite the wide circulation of visual images of extinction very little is known about how they affect people. To address this critical gap, this project brings an innovative methodology to data on public responses to images of the extinction crisis. By establishing a clear understanding of the cultural significance of extinction, the project aims to provide NGOs with new strategies for raising awareness of environmental change. These collaborative research translations will address public concern for the deteriorating ecosystems that future generations will inherit.
Short titleExtinction Imaginaries
AcronymRMIT led
Effective start/end date4/08/233/08/26