Extracting financial and operations efficiency from ‘connected’ fleet for Avis Budget Group

  • Hossain, Jahangir (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Jamborsalamati, Pouya (Student)
  • Ovens , Mark (Chief Investigator)

Project: Other

Project Details


Avis Budget Group (AB Group) a major leading international provider of mobility solutions is looking to the future by investigating the value in stored data across its Asia Pacific region, in order to understand how that impacts the fleet data in costs and potential benefits.
Connected vehicle solutions provide an opportunity to extract cost and customer benefit for large fleet operators. Using IOT technology, fleet operators can gain access to full vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior and significantly improve the customer journey providing easy access to vehicles, 24/7. The data that can be extracted is valuable to improve internal operations, with the capability to save millions of dollars in operational inefficiency. Also, that data would be valuable to other third parties if extracted and formatted properly (i.e.
insurance companies, retailers, cities, etc.)
The intended outcome is to understand full capability of vehicle connectivity, translate this into usable data, create business dashboards that can be used for decision making, an extract unintended cost from the business.
AcronymAMSI Intern
Effective start/end date12/06/1816/11/18