'From Where the Fine Warships Come': Democratic Athens at War

  • Pritchard, David (Chief Investigator)
  • Worthington, Ian (Primary Chief Investigator)

Project: Research

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This project aims to transform our understanding of classical Athens. This Greek state is famous for developing democracy to an extremely high level and for being the leading cultural innovator of classical Greece. Less well known is the dark side of this success story. Athens revolutionised warfare, killing tens of thousands of combatants and civilians. There is a good case that democracy itself sustained this military record. But this case has hardly ever been studied. By filling this big gap in our knowledge this project will be highly significant. It will massively increase capacities in research training and international collaboration. The benefits will include new ideas for better understanding the wars that democracies wage today.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/22