Galleria Research Facility: Bringing a Flexible, Accessible and Ethical Animal Model to Macquarie

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We will establish Australia’s first dedicated high-throughput facility for Galleria mellonella as a versatile animal model. Galleria insect larvae are an effective, cost-effective and ethical model organism, used routinely in Europe and America for numerous applications, including bacterial infection models, drug pharmacological and chemical toxicity studies, microbe-microbe or microbe-host interactions and bioremediation. The Galleria Research Facility will house dynamic climate control chambers for larvae breeding and experiments, equipment for high-throughput manipulation in a PC2 setting. The facility will greatly enhance Macquarie’s research capacity across diverse disciplines, spanning biology, pharmacology, chemistry, medicine and environmental science and attract external funding and collaborations
Short titleGalleria Research Facility
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/20