Geomorphic River Styles characterization in the Magdalena river basin: Magdalena river case study and Tool Box for the automatized extension to the whole basin

  • Fryirs, Kirstie (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Nardini, Andrea Gianni Cristoforo (Chief Investigator)

    Project: Other

    Project Details


    “The Nature Conservancy” (TNC) Colombia has assigned to the Colombian NGO “Fundacion CREACUA” the development of the project named as above, starting on 1st June 2018 for 8 months.
    CREACUA has been in contact since long time with Gary Brierley and Kirstie Fryirs; TNC, thanks to this relationship, already invited Gary to participate in a related workshop in Bogota in October 2017. Both CREACUA and TNC are willing to count with their participation for the development of this project.
    Here below the type and terms of this collaboration are defined.
    1) Purpose
    - Provide guidance to the project team
    - Add a new real world case of application of the River Styles approach to the wealth of experiences so understanding and scoping even more precisely its potentiality and making it more robust and giving to it more structure, while broadening its application
    - Explore the use of new techniques (automatic algorithms and remote sensing) as well the adoption of new ideas
    - Generate opportunities for new publications

    2) Form and scope of collaboration

    Kirstie and Gary’s involvement will be mainly remote, by e-mail , Skype meetings and analyzing short documents and maps at least in the following stages:
    a) at the beginning in order to revise and define (together with other project members) the methodology initially drafted by CREACUA. Hints and examples can be provided to develop specific tasks (e.g. the definition of landscape units) and possibly some level of analysis of the information provided by CREACUA can be developed. Also, relevant information can be provided to the project team. But elaborations will be carried out by CREACUA
    b) at “one third” to review a preliminary product that the work team would deliver and provide hints and possibly also some support to improve it (e.g. revising maps legend, identifying missing elements, misuse of terms...) and adjust the methodology, if needed
    c) at two thirds for the same
    d) at the end to judge what will be achieved and set up a specific strategy of dissemination (publications, seminars, other cases, ...).

    3) Products and property rights
    The main products expected are publications, but also participation to (or even organization of) scientific, dissemination or policy events may occur. A strategy of dissemination will be jointly set up.
    The responsibility of the project outcomes is with CREACUA and Kirstie will be free to decide whether to participate in some publications or not.
    TNC –and as such also CREACUA and its collaborators- poses strict conditions on the property of information, “results and products” (including algorithms, methodology, etc.), but of course this does not apply to “products” preceding the project, like all the knowledge corpus related to the River Styles approach. In any case, the team members will have the right to publish relevant papers, once informed TNC.

    4) Economic conditions
    For this collaboration, CREACUA will pay a symbolic amount of 5000 US$ to be split between Gary and Kirstie (2500 US$ each); to this amount due legal retention will be applied.
    Most probably, TNC will organize new events where hopefully the physical presence of Gary, Kirstie or both will be foreseen, but this is not part of the present agreement and will involve additional funding.
    Short titleRiver Styles in Magdalena, Columbia
    Effective start/end date1/07/1831/12/19