Hacking ODR: Attacks Against Private Sector Online Dispute Resolution Systems

  • Selby, John (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Roy, Alpana (Chief Investigator)

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High-volume Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) systems operated by private sector platforms (such as Amazon) are being mis-used by businesses to harm their competitors operating on those platforms. Through a literature review and up to twenty semi-structured interviews, the project aims to identify vulnerabilities and to develop recommendations for countermeasures. Its recommendations may improve stakeholder perceptions of the legitimacy of ODR systems used by some of the world’s most valuable companies. The findings will increase the research profiles and track record of the Investigators and inform the design of a larger collaborative study possibly funded by industry / ARC Linkage grants.
Short titleHacking ODR Grant
Effective start/end date3/06/193/06/20