Harmonic analysis: singular integrals, function spaces and related topics

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    Harmonic Analysis is a branch of mathematics which is interrelated to other fields of mathematics like complex analysis, number theory and partial differential equations (pdes) with many applications in engineering and technology. This project aims to solve a number of difficult fundamental problems at the frontier of harmonic analysis including the long standing problem of Bochner Riesz means on elliptic operators, singular integrals with rough kernels and their associated function spaces, weighted estimates for operators arisen from complex analysis and pdes. Expected outcomes are the solutions of a number of significant problems; new ideas and techniques in harmonic analysis developed; and training of Australian future mathematicians.

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    This project aims to solve a number of important long standing problems in harmonic analysis and provide the training for future generation of Australian mathematicians
    Effective start/end date31/10/2130/10/26