Hearing health information from primary care data: how to capture hearing aid uptake

  • Munro, Kevin J. (Chief Investigator)
  • Dawes, Piers (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Armitage, Christopher J. (Chief Investigator)
  • Blakeman, Tom (Chief Investigator)
  • Bower, Peter (Chief Investigator)
  • Kitterick, Pádraig T. (Chief Investigator)
  • Leverton, Ted (Chief Investigator)
  • Mehta, Nishchay (Chief Investigator)
  • O'Driscoll, Martin P. (Chief Investigator)
  • Oliver, Francesca (Chief Investigator)
  • Sutton, Chris (Chief Investigator)
  • Nassar, Greg (Chief Investigator)
  • Lewis, Kathryn (Chief Investigator)

    Project: Research

    Project Details


    Aim: To ensure GP records can be used to identify new adult hearing aid (HA) recipients.

    Anticipated outcomes: Finding a reliable measure of HA uptake will provide a measure for research to improve mental, physical and social health for people with hearing loss. Improving communication between GPs and audiology will enable better clinical care. Our links enable us to pass information about outcomes through the Royal College of GP’s and the British Academy of Audiology.

    Effective start/end date1/03/2131/03/22