Impact of virtual reality training on allied health professional’s knowledge and perception of dementia

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    The use of virtual reality in the field of dementia care and education is developing. Dementia Australia is the peak body advocating the needs of people living with dementia and have developed a Virtual Reality (VR) training workshop: Enabling EDIE (Educational Dementia Immersive Experience). The workshop was developed in consultation with people with dementia and their carers to specifically simulate the experience of having dementia. It involves a multisensory, virtual simulation of light, sound, colour, and visual content that allows participants to experience the cognitive and perceptual difficulties faced by those with dementia. This study will evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of the VR workshop Enabling EDIE as a teaching resource for AHPs, AHAs and physiotherapy students working with people with dementia. The study will specifically consider the impact on knowledge, attitude, and sense of competence, using a short survey administered at three timepoints: pre, post and three months follow-up.
    Effective start/end date3/07/1931/01/22