In vitro testing of thrombotic nanodisks for vascular targeting of AVMs

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    In this work, we will use nanotechnology to increase the efficiency and specificity of thrombotic agent delivery to the irradiated AVM vessels. Disk shape nanoparticles (nanodisks) will be prepared, coated, and then linked with phosphatidylserine (PS, a lipid molecule appeared on AVM vessel surface after irradiation) targeting agent annexin V and thrombotic agent thrombin. The resulting PS targeting pro-thrombotic nanodisks will be checked for their ability to bind to PS specifically and induce blood clotting. Conjugates with different ratios of nanodisk:annexin V:thrombin will be prepared and tested.
    AcronymOOA_Brain Foundation
    Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19