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Origin of Consciousness and it's Computational Applications in Machines (MQ Discretionary Scheme)

Barron, A., Klein, C., Balleine, B. W., Bell, G., Millford, M. & Van Swinderen, B.


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A brighter future: the pure-quartic soliton laser

Hudson, D., Redondo, A., de Sterke, C. & Schmidt, M.


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The case for work

Deranty, J.


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ARC MI: ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success - ARC Major Initiatives 2018

Wright, I., Beveridge, C., Henry, R., Hammer, G., Ortiz-Barrientos, D., Waterhouse, P. M., Smith, S., Brodribb, T. J., Weller , J. & Bowman, J.


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What is distinctive about Australian Aboriginal conversational style?

Blythe, J., Mushin, I., Stirling, L., Gardner, R., MQRES, M. & MQRES (International), M. (.


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Extremely High-Frequency Antennas for Future Wireless Systems

Esselle, K., Hashmi, R., Hesselbarth, J., Afzal, M., Singh, K. & Cuenca, D.

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Tracing the accretion history of the Milky Way with chemical tagging

Zucker, D., Martell, S. & Venn, K.


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Documentary film as cognitive mapping of a primary school community in Western Sydney.

Barkat, I. & Delofski, M.


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Welfare Reform in Indigenous Australia, 2007-2017.

Vincent, E., Altman, J. & Klein, E.


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Sex chromosomes and speciation: chromosome inversion and the large Z-effect

Griffith, S., Hooper, D., Mundy, N., Price, T., Rowe, M. & Webster, M.


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Reverse Chemical Proteomics: Harnessing Yeast Display for Drug Discovery

Piggott, A., Karuso, P., Kwon, H. J. & MQRES (International), M. (.


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Reputation-based Trust Management in Crowdsourcing Environments

Wang, Y., Sheng, Q., Orgun, M., MQRES (International), M. (. & MQRES, M.


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