Indigenous Youth in Governance and Political Processes: Participation, Engagement and Succession

  • Eckford-Williamson , Bhiamie (Chief Investigator)
  • Little, Stacey (Chief Investigator)
  • Doel-Mackaway, Holly (Chief Investigator)

Project: Research

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This project explores how young Indigenous people are participating in and designing pathways to emerge into governance and policy making spaces in their communities, regions and states or territories. This project is a research partnership between the Native Title Research Unit (NTRU) at AIATSIS, the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR), and the Macquarie Law School. It represents the next stage in a program of work that has previously included the Youth Forum at the National Native Title Conferences (Darwin in 2016, Townsville in 2017 and Broome in 2018), the Youth Engagement in Native Title project (September 2017-June 2018), the Indigenous Youth in Governance Masterclass (November 2018), the Issues Paper 'What do young fellas reckon? Exploring the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in Native Title' (Aboriginal Studies Press, forthcoming) and the peer reviewed publication, "'Ask us, This is our Country" : Aboriginal children and young people's participation in law and policy development' (2019, In: International Journal of Children's Rights. 27, 1, p. 31-65).
Effective start/end date25/06/2031/12/21