Intelligent Data Science Pipelines

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Intelligence is the ability to learn from experience and use domain experts’ knowledge to adapt to new situations. In this context, successful data science projects should result from intelligent pipelines for organizing, curating, processing, analysing, and visualizing the big data. An intelligent approach should be able to learn from domain experts’ knowledge and experience, and use this knowledge to automate operating processes, increasing analytical capacity, reduce costs, enhance quality, raise customer satisfaction levels, and boost decision making. Such an intelligent approach allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks and reduce the potential for human error, and boosts productivity. In this project we focus on understanding the Data Science Pipelines and identify innovative ways to intelligently mimic the knowledge of experienced data scientists to embed human intuition in combination with computational power and imitate background knowledge with computer-aided modelling. The goal is to facilitate extracting knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data, and applying knowledge and actionable insights from data across a broad range of application domains.
Effective start/end date2/11/211/09/24


  • Macquarie University