International Networking Between Research Centres

  • Undurraga Lucero, Jaime (Associate Investigator)
  • McAlpine, David (Associate Investigator)
  • Monaghan, Jessica (Associate Investigator)
  • Bowen Moreno, Macarena (Associate Investigator)
  • Zañartu, Matías (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Prado, Pavel (Chief Investigator)
  • El-Deredy, Wael (Associate Investigator)
  • R. Paul, Delano (Primary Chief Investigator)

Project: Research

Project Details


The project aims to connect three synergic research centers to jump-start research collaborations and student opportunities. It is expected that the long-term collaboration will have significant impact on the clinical neuro-engineering and the development of biomedical devices for the treatment of hearing and speech pathologies.
Effective start/end date1/02/181/02/20