Introducing the next generation of Perkins braillers to the next generation of Australian braille consumers

  • Gentle, Frances (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Howse, Josie (Associate Investigator)
  • Matz, Laura (Other)

    Project: Research

    Project Details


    Pilot research study on braille writing instruction using the Perkins Classic and Smart Braillers. Participants included 11 specialist vision teachers and teacher consultants, five class teachers, and three parents of 11 young braille learners aged 4 – 8 years situated in New South Wales.

    Key findings

    Conclusions drawn from the study were limited due to such factors as technical issues with the Smart Braillers, absenteeism of the participating children, limitations in the professional learning offered to the specialist vision teachers, and the practice of classroom withdrawal for braille writing instruction. The results highlighted the potential of the visual and audio feedback features of the Smart Brailler to enhance the learners’ experience and engagement with braille and to promote greater inclusion of braille learners in classroom-based writing activities.
    StatusNot started