Investigating a new and innovative approach to using the Work Observation Method By Activity Timing (WOMBAT) tool: a proof of concept study in paediatric oncology

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The Work Observation Method By Activity Timing (WOMBAT) tool provides an accurate means to measure work and communication processes, which is critical to assessing the impact of implementing new technology or changing policies. With increasing international use of WOMBAT, there is growing interest for using WOMBAT in innovative ways, such as measuring impact from the patient perspective.
The aim of this project is to undertake a proof of concept study to verify the application of WOMBAT to quantify the patient journey in an outpatient paediatric oncology setting.
The development and validation of new and innovative ways to use WOMBAT will broaden WOMBAT’s applicability and help secure its leading position as the go-to time and motion tool. This proof of concept study will also help to address a critical gap in evidence relating to the patient journey in paediatric oncology.
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19