Investigating the prevalence and mechanisms of orthostatic intolerance in young adults with joint hypermobility disorders

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    People with joint hypermobility disorders often report symptoms of “orthostatic intolerance” (OI) such as faintness, when they stand upright. This has a significant impact on their quality of life e.g. reduced attendance at school/work.  At present, there is no proven treatment to reduce these symptoms due to a lack of appreciation of the underpinning mechanisms. This study seeks to obtain world-first quantitative data on the prevalence and mechanisms of OI in this condition. The relationship between arterial stiffness and cardio/cerebro-vascular regulation during postural challenges will be assessed. The findings will pave the way for future studies aimed at mitigating the short- and long-term impacts of OI in joint hypermobility disorders.
    Short titleOI and EDS-HT/JHS
    Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/19