K-band testing and progressing to conceptual design phase of the Subaru/ULTIMATE multiple integral field unit instrument

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ULTIMATE is a near-infrared integral field unit instrument concept under development at Australian Astronomical Optics. The aim is to eliminate a technical risk, and establishing a new and efficient technology for infrared astronomy. This will allow us to proceed to the instrument conceptual design stage and to schedule the instrument on-sky for the 8-meter Subaru telescope. The technology will enable large galaxy surveys at infrared wavelengths to grow swiftly from a few dozens of targets to many thousands. The tested technology can also be used for sensing and hyperspectral imaging in non-astronomy applications. The outcome will exclude a technical risk, progress the instrument to next stage, and strengthen the Australian and Subaru telescope partnership.
Short titleULTIMATE K band
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/20