Language for learning: Developing learning-oriented talk in long-day-care (MQ TaLK!)

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    This study aims to identify, for the first time, key features of infant-toddler long day care (LDC) environments that support or constrain the development and use of language as a critical tool for early learning. Family influences on language development have been widely studied but, despite rising enrolments, little research has focused on LDC settings. Over 20% of Australian children currently start school with poorly developed language skills, which places them at risk of educational disadvantage. By investigating early LDC predictors of preschool language skills, this study will deliver much-needed new evidence to inform LDC pedagogy and curriculum development and practice and, ultimately, to improve long term educational outcomes.

    ARC Discovery Grant, 2018-2022. Total Awarded - $927,996
    Short titleMacquarie Language for Learning Project
    Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/24