Life at the Edge: Wireless Communications with Data Processing Nodes

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ARC Discovery Project Application

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This project will create innovative communications and data processing techniques to support delay sensitive and processing power intensive services over 5G wireless networks. This is especially important for supporting mission critical services and low-latency IoT applications, such as those that appear in advanced manufacturing and resource management/extraction. Ultimately, increased understanding of cyber-physical systems that operate close to the network edge will lead to new and better business models, manufacturing and resource extraction technologies. The project outcomes will underpin the emerging pervasive applications including Internet-of-Things technology, which has the potential of $23.5B per annum addition to Australian economy.

This project will train four highly qualified researchers (three will be PhDs) in the key growth area of wireless communications. This project will enhance Australia's reputation in engineering research through international collaboration with Princeton University, scholarly publications and other forms of research dissemination.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/22