Macquarie MINDS: Monitoring of Injury and psychosocial health outcomes, career trajectories and continuing educatioN, LiveD experiences and Social connectedness

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The aim is to pilot establishing a prospective cohort of Macquarie graduates that would be a long-term resource to shape our understanding of psychosocial and lifestyle risks, exposures, and health and wellbeing outcomes.

The Macquarie MINDS cohort will enable a unique perspective on education, work-life balance, health, social and life experiences to be examined. It will showcase the University’s interdisciplinary approach and will contribute towards shaping determinants of healthy adults and advancing resilient societies. Longer-term findings will inform our understanding of education, health and lifestyle factors and their impact on resilience, career trajectories and lived experiences over a unique segment of an individuals’ life courses.
Short titleMacquarie MINDS cohort study
Effective start/end date1/01/18 → …