MASked-unconTrolled hypERtension management based on office BP or on out-of-office (ambulatory) BP (Phase IV study)

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This study investigates whether a clinical management strategy based on out-of-office (ambulatory) blood pressure (BP) measurements compared to a strategy based on office BP measurements is associated with differences in health outcomes, including cardiovascular and kidney-related outcomes at one year, cardiovascular events at four years, and changes in a number of BP-related variables throughout the study. Participants with masked uncontrolled hypertension (those already on medication for high blood pressure and presented with normal office BP but elevated ambulatory BP) will be randomly assigned to either one of the two study arms, with regular follow-ups to ensure BP is adequately controlled using either of the two management strategies. A total of 1240 patients will be recruited over 40 centres worldwide, with Macquarie University aiming to recruit 50 patients.
Effective start/end date29/04/1931/12/20