Media, Identity, and Belonging in Schools: Exploring Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Public Primary Schools’ Online and Social Media in NSW

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This proposed project, focusing on cultural and linguistic diversity in primary schools’ online and social media, is part of a five-year plan to expand on and extend research I have conducted in linguistic and cultural diversity in various media and educational contexts. It will cement my expertise in the critical multimodal discourse analysis of linguistic and cultural diversity, which has to-date focused more on the Chinese context and develop my research further in the multicultural Australian context, specifically in one local area of Sydney, NSW where I believe I will be able to have a greater impact. My background specialisation in Chinese culture, language and identity will remain crucial for understanding the exciting new educational contexts I will be investigating, in which Chinese migrants play a significant role. Over the 12 months, the Restart grant will specifically enable me to free up time to build networks with potential collaborators, conduct and in-depth examination of the online and social media relating to three public primary schools in the local area, interview four key stakeholders from each school, write a journal article and an ARC Discovery Grant draft application and share the results of the study with the schools and other interested community and academic members. Continuing work on cultural and linguistic diversity with a focus on schools’ online and social media will further enhance my reputation as a scholar in the field of media studies, cultural studies and identity politics, and also provide me with significant and up-to-date knowledge through which to enrich Macquarie University’s program in cultural studies, media studies, strategic communication, and social media.
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19