Microplastics in continental water bodies in the Russian Federation: The Ob and Tomsk Rivers

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    Research in partnership with MQ researchers Tina Soliman Hunter, Scott Wilson and Vladimir Strezov, led by Tomsk State University (RF) Professors Danil Vorobiev, Yulia Frank, and Andrey Trifonov into the source and load of microplastics in the Russian Siberia, including Arctic rivers, and the depositional rate of microplastics in the Russian Arctic environ. Accrual of science in order to 1) inform the development of the law related to the regulation and clean-up of microplastics in major continental water bodies and fishing grounds; and 2) the development of new technologies for the assessment and cleaning of microplastics in continental water bodies (lakes and rivers).

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    Investigation into microplastics in the Siberian environment (land, water and atmosphere), their impact on the Arctic marine environment, and implications for regulation.
    Short titleMicroplastics in continental water bodie
    Effective start/end date1/06/2031/12/23