Models of Bilingual Practice: The Experiences of Bilingual Speech Pathologists in Australia

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    Speech Pathology has traditionally been, and remains to some extent, a linguistically homogeneous profession. This is slowly changing and there are now increasing numbers of speech pathologists (hereafter SPs) in Australia who are able to speak and understand a
    language (or languages) other than English to a high level. Little is known, however, about the ways in which these bilingual (and sometimes multilingual) SPs use their knowledge of
    languages other than English in their professional practice. The specific aims of the project are: (1) To provide a description of the ways in which practising bilingual SPs in Australia use
    their knowledge of languages other than English (and associated cultural knowledge or experience) in their professional practice. (2) To identify the kinds of training, resources and support needs that bilingual SPs in Australia see as important for their own individual
    practices, as well as for enhancing the effectiveness of bilingual speech pathology practice in Australia more generally. (3) To identify issues that may not have been directly considered in
    the design of the specific interview questions but will inform the design of larger scale externally funded projects in this area. Meeting these aims will have a significant impact on the health of multilingual adults and children in Australia who experience communication
    Effective start/end date1/08/202/08/21