Multilingual Students on a Monolingual Campus: Multilingual international students' linguistic experiences

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The project focuses specifically on experiences related to international students’ English language proficiency and language use as well as the use of their first and other languages at Brandeis University (US), University of Birmingham (UK) and Macquarie University (Australia). The project is motivated by existing findings that describe linguistic invisibility in educational contexts with a ‘monolingual mindset’, an attitudinal climate that is in contrast with universities’ goal to achieve inclusivity in internationalized education. With international students featuring prominently in Australian, US and UK university enrolments, the educational and social experiences of this student cohort is important to explore.
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The project seeks to explore the experiences of multilingual international students in three universities in three different parts of the world where English is the dominant language: Brandeis University (US), University of Birmingham (UK) and Macquarie University (Australia).
Effective start/end date1/08/2131/07/22