Mycenaean Religion: The Formation and Expression of a Society's Identity

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This project aims to investigate and evaluate the role of religion in the formation of Mycenaean Greek ideology ca. 1600 BC, and how religion continued to express and shape that ideology through the Mycenaean era to 1200 BC. Religion is recognized as having had a large influence on Mycenaean society, but there is no synthetic study evaluating its full impact. My project will fill this gap, and potentially influence scholarly ideas of early Greek society. Two chapters have already been solicited on this topic and I have sent a book proposal to Princeton University Press. These works will solidify my standing as the lead scholar of Mycenaean religion and allow me to pursue a long-term collaborative project investigating the interconnections between religions of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, for which I will seek external funding from the European Research Council, the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, and the ARC.
Short titleMycenaean Religion: The Formation and Expression of a Society's Identity
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19