Next generation adjuvants for advanced immunotherapies

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    This program aims to deliver a new generation of adjuvants based on nanomaterials precisely tailored towards modern vaccine delivery with the desired immune responses. Building on my teams pioneering work in nanomedicine and our growing understanding of the interaction of nanomaterials with the human body; I aim to generate a full library of nanoadjuvants that can be deployed to tackle modern diseases with unprecedented selectivity over immune response. This requires a new conceptual leap in adjuvant science in which there is a rational design of antigen, adjuvants and delivery systems to mediate, boost and control immunogenicity.

    Layman's description

    A vaccine provides active protection to a particular disease. In order to administer the vaccine in very small amounts substances known as adjuvants are added that will safely enhance the effect of the vaccine. Our knowledge of how these adjuvants within the immune system is still basic, and the number of adjuvant that are employed is small and have little precision. I will introduce a library of adjuvants with a full array of immune properties for modern vaccines and immunotherapies.

    Key findings

    Adjuvants based on nanomaterials will be produced and developed towards clinical applications.
    Short titleNanoadjuvants
    Effective start/end date3/01/203/10/25