Physical musicality: Optimising lived experience among older adults

  • Thompson, Bill (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Davidson, Jane (Chief Investigator)
  • Liu-Ambrose, Teresa (Partner Investigator)
  • Ho, Rainbow Tin Hung (Partner Investigator)
  • Green, Robin (Partner Investigator)

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    The aim of this project is to investigate how music-supported exercise, called physical musicality (PM), can promote wellbeing, quality of life, and cognitive-motor function in older adults, beyond the benefits of exercise or music listening alone. To achieve this aim, we will (a) conduct randomised control trials on PM programs; (b) isolate the ingredients and mechanisms underlying the benefits of PM; and (c) design culturally appropriate programs that optimise wellbeing and cognitive-motor function for older adults. Our research will reveal simple, non-medical steps that all adults of advancing age can take to maintain their wellbeing and cognitive functions so they can lead productive and successful lives into older age.
    Short titlePhysical Musicality
    Effective start/end date1/08/2131/07/22