Raven Mother: Finding Bella, bad mother, silenced woman: a cross-cultural memoir

  • Messer, Jane (Primary Chief Investigator)

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Raven Mother is the story of my excavation of the past & confrontation with the injustices of the present, traversing the interconnected stories of grandmother, father & daughter. I travel to Germany & Israel to recover the story of my Jewish grandmother Bella— the Rabenmutter—raven mother—who I had been told, had betrayed her husband & son before taking her own life. In Berlin, Bella’s former city, I witness the conflicted responses of Germans as refugees flood in. In Tel Aviv, I confront the consequences of the migrations that brought my family to safety, but which have led to Palestinians exiled in their own country. While exploring these political complexities, Raven Mother reveals new truths about Bella—a mother who saved her son, but who didn’t survive the surviving.
Short title Raven Mother: a cross-cultural memoir
Effective start/end date1/08/201/08/21