Real time Detection of Chemical Poisoning Symptoms in Defence Personnel during field operations

Project: Research

Project Details


Researching and documenting the type and manner of poisoning anticipated. Identifying and setting up a fit for purpose hybrid networked sensor system to generate data for AI assisted analysis at the edge (body-worn device). Establish the optimised network architecture to extract real time insights from AI assisted analysis of a network of collaborating body worn devices. Delivering a three module construct with easily interchangeable modules. A sensor matrix mesh connected to an edge compute device powered by field replaceable batteries.

Layman's description

Smart novel sensors will be designed and developed to help defence personnel early warning of any chemical poisoining. The proposal is based on the working knowledge and experience of our previous research outcomes. The design will have a flexible woven wearable soft web-like mesh which does not hinder existing battleground attire and is intended to cater for different size personnel and be hygienically treated or replaced before every sortie. Alerts will be generated in different forms on person and to a nominated control centre.

Key findings

smart sensors; wearable sensors; early warning; chemical poisoining; wireless communications
Short titleHuman Integrated Sensor System (HISS) Challenge
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/03/25