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The generous donation towards MQ Health will be used to support the research undertaken by Dr Kaplan within the discipline of cardiology.

MQ Health researchers are recognised for their international expertise and contribution towards understanding vascular blood flow, and how changes in blood flow can be an early warning sign of heart failure. Our discoveries include unique methods for more accurate measurement of blood pressure (this has led to the development of a new blood pressure measuring medical device that does not involve an arm cuff), which are delivered through our Ambulatory BP Monitoring Service and Vascular Function laboratory services offered through the MQ Cardiology clinic. The team also participate in major international trials that measure ambulatory blood pressure (VASOTENS, MASTERS).

The donation will be used to support the salary of a postdoctoral fellow under Dr Kaplan who is integral to the recruitment and management of research participants of the many clinical studies and trials undertaken towards improving our innovative tools for measurement of blood pressure (such as smart remote technologies), and evaluation of new medications that seek to improve blood pressure and alleviate diseases such as hypertension.
Effective start/end date9/10/188/10/19