Shoreline Exploration of Ancient Torone Greece

  • Hillard, Tom (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Vouvalidis, Konstantinos (Project Co-ordinator)

Project: Research

Project Details


Geoarchaeological research in the vicinity of Ancient Torone, Chalkidiki Peninsula, Greece. The research aims to understand the paleo-environment and the geomorphological evolution of the coastal plain of Ancient Torone from prehistory to the present day. The area of interest is the coastal plain that is located northwards of the rocky headland (Lekythos) where Ancient Torone was founded. The research will be focused on the onetime embayment (now a floodplain) close to the city with the local name Asimanis. Depending on the research findings in the Asimanis floodplain, both parties will decide if the second season of research can be expanded geographically to the next embayment to the north, with the local name Perdikosykia.
Effective start/end date1/12/221/12/24