Singing with young children: The impact of regular singing on teacher-identified learning outcomes in early years programmes

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    This project aims to investigate the impact of regular singing with children aged 3-6 years on learning outcomes that have been identified by their teacher. It seeks to examine the impact of targeted professional development on teacher practice and confidence. Teachers will engage in practitioner inquiry to identify a learning outcome related to children’s well being, and then plan, implement, evaluate, re-design and re-implement the singing activities. Singing with young children is significant because it is a natural form of early communication and self-expression, with benefits related to well-being, learning, communication, and brain development. It is expected that regular singing will have a positive impact on well-being and learning outcomes of children, and that teacher practice and confidence to implement activities will be positively impacted.
    Short titleSinging with young children
    Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/20